Welcome to the future of Music.

What is SynaesthesiaFlow?

SynaesthesiaFlow is an open source music framework for embedded three dimmensional volumetric synaesthetic live music.

Where did this come from?

SynaesthesiaFlow originally stemmed out of my desire to integrate pieces of the Ableton UI into my physical environment so that I would have more freedom to move about while performing. At a certain point it became clear to me that there is no limit to how much of the UI could be integrated and exposed through network connected microcontrollers with LED lighting (outputs) and sensors (inputs) and that the entire UI of ableton could be replaced.

Thus the notion that a ruggedized Ableton Live music set could be built for permanent outdoor music situations. One goal within this broader ambition is to bring a functional recording studio to playa.

Gratitude and Aknowledgments

SynaesthesiaFlow (original authorship: Nathan Argetsinger) stands on the shoulders of giants. The most significant being Mark Slee who developed both the original kernal of the LX lighting engine, as well as the envelop for live ambisonics sound engine.

SymmetryLabs, was a small avante-garde lighting company founded by Alex Green, which was the first serious commercial endeavor using Mark’s open source engine and truly created a new precedent for this novel volumetric lighting methodology. Many technologists and artists were involved over the years of SymmetryLabs operation, Notably: Jake Lampack, Trip Vest, Ping Yee, Shlomo Zippel, Keegan Foster, Hike Danakian, Cameron Nagai, Aaron Oppenheimer, James Lucy, and Sam Costigan. Special thanks to Sam Costigan for having the audacity to host the first public prototype of SynaesthesiaFlow at camp “Synaesthesia” at the burn in 2019.

Harmonic Language is a sound based translation and introspection tool to analyze the raw waveforms of society through sound. This project is separate from SynaesthesiaFlow, however they will mutually enhance one another.